Introducing the 2015 Servant Team

Meet the 2015 Lahash Servant Team!

Ohilda Difo (we call her Difo), Brett Marshall, and Megan Jackson. This brave group has committed the next 6 months of their lives to learn from and serve vulnerable people in Portland, Oregon and in East Africa.

At Lahash, we love to tell the stories of our East African friends. We like to learn all we can and then tell everyone about the beautiful lessons and relationships that have enriched our lives. We also love to bring others along with us. We encourage people to travel to East Africa and meet our partners and the children they serve. Servant Teams has been one of the programs that has facilitated these travel and learning experiences. Our hope is that by becoming friends and learning from each other we are all captivated by a vision of progressing toward Christlikeness.

This year Servant Teams is taking a slightly different track than it has in the past. We’ve retooled the experience in light of a growing conviction that training for missions work and community development is inequitably out of reach for many people. We believe God is calling young people from all walks of life into the work of missions and social justice. So why is it that in the U.S. there are so few leaders in missions who come from minority backgrounds? For young people of color and those coming from impoverished communities, responding to God’s call to mission work can be particularly challenging. Often the costs of training classes and overseas service are financially out of reach for both the potential participant and the community they would look to for support. With Servant Teams we are aiming to change this all-to-common scenario.

This new approach, a joint effort of Lahash International, Word Made Flesh, and Second Stories combines robust missional theology and community development in connection with hands-on service in both the city of Portland and overseas. Facilitated by an ethnically diverse group of ministry leaders, this learning process includes reading, reflection, and group discussion along with field trips and practical service with local ministries.

After three months in Portland, Servant Teams spend the next three months overseas engaging in hands-on ministry among the poor, where they will continue learning from and serving alongside the vulnerable. And we’re making this experience accessible to anyone regardless of economic or racial background through creative and communal fundraising efforts.

We are excited about this year’s participants who have committed to a new way of developing young leaders in mission and really look forward to all God has in store for them.

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