Updates from Dodoma, Tanzania

Thanks for keeping up with our trip! Here are some highlights from our time in Dodoma, Tanzania with our partners at Grace & Healing Ministry.


The Lahash media team (myself and Will Campbell) have been busy trying to capture the life changing ministry that happens each day both inside the church and far beyond its walls. We’ve been visiting some of the homes of the kids in the Lahash Sponsorship Program along with Katie Nelson (our Sponsorship Director), the Lahash Servant Team, and staff from Grace & Healing Ministry. I love seeing how the staff follow-up with each child’s caregivers to see how the kids are doing in their home environments. Many of the kids live in very difficult situations, and even simply taking time to visit and pray with the families is a big encouragement.

We also had the chance to sit down with a boy named Eliya. We shared a video of his story years ago, and had the chance to interview with him again in his home. He shared many of the struggles he has endured in his life. He cried with us, sang for us, and let us into his story in a really personal way. Once we translate all of his Swahili, it will be a privilege to share this remarkable boy’s hope with all of you. We also gave him a copy of our latest issue of “Hope Is Alive” magazine, which features an article about him. It was fun to see his face light up as he found his photo and realized even more how his story is inspiring others. You can read more about Eliya’s story here.

Now our team of travelers has parted ways. Katie Nelson is heading on with the Servant Team to Uganda, and Will and I are visiting Path of Hope, our partners in Shinyanga, Tanzania. We to hope to give you more updates soon, from this next part of the journey. Thank you all for your prayers and support as we travel.