Visiting Amazing Grace

The rainy season has finally begun here in Adjumani, Uganda. Rain in Madi country comes down in torrents usually accompanied by thunder and lightening. The storms here have been known to generate enough wind to rip off the iron sheets that many use for roofing. Since arriving we’ve had two encounters with majestic storms. Yesterday the storm was so strong and came upon us so suddenly that everyone was soaked before they had time to think of taking shelter. It was not a surprise for the kids at Amazing Grace. They continued to play soccer even as the sky grew ominously dark. The sun shone brightly from the west but the sky in the east was almost black. The kids seem to enjoy every minute leading up to the storm, energized by the light in the west, ignoring the darkness in the east. When it hit, they were all smiles as they sprang into action. Many took shelter immediately, some ran out into the storm and reveled in the water. Others ran to retrieve items better kept dry like laundry hanging on the line. One boy pushed a 50 gallon rain barrel under the eave of the house where it quickly filled to the brim. Members of the Servant Team also rushed about rescuing a tarp covered with maze corn the matron had been sorting. It was a frenzy of activity only outdone by the storm itself.

barrel storm rain

Inside, the kids continued to play. Clark and Cathy helped them tie together two jump ropes and soon many of the girls were chanting songs in rhythm to those jump roping. The Servant Team also joined in and humbly demonstrated their lack of rhythm. Later Cathy pulled out her smartphone and the kids watched a video of themselves she had recorded the day before performing a dance to welcome us to their home and teach us their names. They watched it over and over again.

The sun set and dinner was served. It was a special treat, rice, beef and fish. In the past the kids would sit outside in the yard because there wasn’t a dining room. Now because of the new kitchen and dining room the kids can sit indoors at tables and chairs. It truly felt like one big family.

ramona falls035

For me (Tim) it has been a pretty good trip. I’ve captured a good amount of footage and interviews. The new Project Manager, Dominique, is extraordinarily overqualified and took a substantial pay cut in accepting the position, but we have high hopes that he can turn the home around and make it thrive. The new Matron, Lilian, has an incredible heart for orphans and made it clear in her interview that she feels a lifetime calling to serve the vulnerable. Katie, the Lahash Sponsorship Director (and my wife), was grateful to have an excellent meeting with them and feels hopeful and excited about their roles. We are extremely fortunate to have these two working at Amazing Grace. Pray that these new hires are in it for the long haul and will be able to love and care for these kids well.

Katie Nelson