Grace & Healing Ministry


Dodoma is the capital city of Tanzania, home to everyone from wealthy Members of Parliament to destitute urban poor. Led by Esther Muhagachi, Grace and Healing Ministry of Dodoma (GHMD) began as a group of women from a local church whose hearts were moved by the plight of those left most vulnerable in Dodoma, due to the impact of poverty and HIV/AIDS. As they were getting established, Esther approached Lahash about starting a Sponsorship Program to care for children whose needs would otherwise remain overlooked.


Most of the children in the Sponsorship Program have lost one or both of their parents. They are cared for by a single parent, extended family, or family friends. GHMD staff visit the children at home, offering counseling and prayer, as well as advocacy with teachers and doctors when needed. Some of the older children are “child-headed households,” meaning that no adult caregiver is present in the home, so they receive additional support. Every Friday afternoon, the sponsored children gather at the church to participate in a program of Bible teaching, choir practice, games, counseling, and a meal. Many walk for miles to come enjoy this weekly event. In addition, a Nutrition Program provides a daily meal for the children who are HIV-positive.


Children in the Sponsorship Program are cared for holistically, meaning that physical, emotional, spiritual, educational, and environmental factors are all considered in providing care for each child. The kids are all given the opportunity to attend a local school, and Lahash engages in ongoing training and development efforts with the East African staff to creatively and compassionately improve the children’s lives.


Learn more about sponsorship and meet other kids who are waiting to be sponsored.


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