Stand With Students

Preparing For A Brighter Future

Lahash is committed to helping the children we serve attend each grade, each year, without interruption.


For sponsored children in Primary and Secondary school (equivalent to K-12 in the US), the basic elements of their holistic care are funded through the Sponsorship Program. Stand With Students fills in the financial gap often created by rising school fees, fluctuating food costs, or medical emergencies that can stretch existing sponsorship funds to their limit. Funds raised through Stand With Students go directly to educational needs, providing consistent access to school even when unforeseen emergencies arise.


As these students approach graduation and the end of the traditional Sponsorship Program, they are given the opportunity to continue their education through the Stand With Students: Higher Education Program. Students who enter this program are paired with a local mentor and together work through an extensive discipleship curriculum. Once completed, they have the deep relationships, spiritual foundation, and scholarship funds needed to pursue their dreams at a university or vocational school.


Education is a long-term investment for everyone involved. For the students, it requires diligent study, long walks to school, connecting with mentors, and even hand washing their uniforms. For us, it requires a commitment to providing uninterrupted access through faithful prayer and consistent funding. Please join us as we Stand With Students.


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